About the Key Research Area "Women's and Gender History"

Women's and Gender History is an innovative and dynamic field of research that has its origins in the fundamental paradigm shifts in the humanities, cultural and social sciences as well as in the women's movements of the last third of the 20th century. From a critical, cross-epochal perspective, it examines historical gender orders and their transformations in their interactions with discourses, social spaces and social hierarchies. Women's and gender history has been anchored at the University of Vienna for several decades with a wide range of activities in research and teaching.

The Key Research Area of Women's and Gender History at the Faculty of History and Cultural Studies (FSP FGG) provides an organizational framework for interdisciplinary exchange, networking and discussion between women's and gender history initiatives and projects. Regular workshops, lectures and discussions characterize the activities of the focus area. Ongoing and completed projects by members of the key research area are presented on this platform, as are current events.