Assoziierte Wissenschafter*Innen

Roman Birke
Friedrich Schiller University Jena
Research topics:
History of human rights after 1945
Eugenics and population policies in the 20th century
Persucution of homosexuality under National Socialism

Veronika Duma
Fritz Bauer Institute, Goethe University Frankfurt am Main

Veronika Helfert
ZAHRAH: Women´s labour activism in Eastern Europe and transnationally, from the age of empires to the late 20th century
Research topics:
Women's and gender studies
Protest and revolution
Labor movement
Public administration
Austrian history in the 20th century

Adelheid Krah
Research topics:
Networking and indexing of archival sources in Central Europe
German constitutional history of the high and late Middle Ages
French constitutional and regional history (habilitation thesis)
European social and cultural history of the early Middle Ages
Women's and gender history of the early Middle Ages
European regional history, history of border regions
Histroy of the Baltic Sea region
Migration, management of remote ownership

Stephan Mai
Institute of History, University of the Federal Armed Forces Munich
Research topics:
Comparative history of Western Europe in the early modern period (focus on France and Germany)
Women, men, diplomacy
Cultural contacts and cultural transfer in the early modern period
Comparative history of the princely and court state in the early modern period

Viktoria Räuchle
Institute for Classical Archeology, Ludwig Maximilians University Munich

Jessica Richter
Institute of Rural History (IRH), St. Pölten 

Tim Rütten
Research topics:
Women's and gender history
History of the body and emotions
Discourse analysis

Carola Sachse
Research topics:
Science and gender
Human rights and gender

Waltraud Schütz
Institute for Habsburg and Balkan studies
Austrian Academy of Sciences
Research topics:
Women's and gender studies
Auto-/Biographical research
Women's movement in the Habsburg monarchy and its international connections
History of the institutionalization of women's voactional training in the 19 century

Georg Tschannett